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Amsterdam has many different reputations – from boasting one of the biggest museum collections in the world, to being home to Europe’s most infamous red light district. But what you may not know is that Amsterdam’s culinary scene is filled with rich flavors – starting from its traditional roots right through to its fascinating immigrant influences. And what better way to get to know a city than through its food, culture and people? We want you to escape the tourists and come with us to the historic Jordaan neighborhood to see, taste and experience what gives Amsterdam its charm, and to understand why we love the city so much.

Our entertaining and informative Food Tours take you off the beaten path and let you stroll down the side streets to taste the city’s most famous foodie delights at some of the best neighborhood shops and cafés. Our Jordaan Food & Canals Tour even includes a ride on the canals, on board a historic, private canal boat.

Our experienced and knowledgeable guides lead small groups (max 6-12) through a real neighborhood to taste Amsterdam’s quintessentially Dutch cuisine in places that have been feeding our locals for generations.

Each food tasting stop has been selected not only for the quality of food but also for the history it holds, the passion of its people, and its significance in the local community.

Just west of the city’s inner canal belt lies the Jordaan district – right in the heart of Amsterdam. What began as a working class neighborhood in the 17th Century is now one of the city’s most beautiful and sought after places to live – full of specialty shops, galleries, and restaurants.

It’s much more than just a food tour. We give your stomachs a break to discover unforgettable cultural and historical attractions that you wouldn’t want to miss. We also introduce you to Amsterdam’s “unsung food heroes” – the people behind the food – you’ll hear their stories, and experience the real Amsterdam.


Food & Canal Tour

Jordaan Food & Canals Tour

Join us for an enlightening stroll through one of Amsterdam’s most historic neighborhoods – the Jordaan. You’ll be treated to 12 uniquely Dutch tastings from 8 foodie locations, as well as multiple cultural and historic stops, uncovering the real Amsterdam. What’s more, you’ll get to see the city from its most beautiful vantage point: on an elegantly restored canal boat cruising through Amsterdam’s world-heritage canals.

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Food Tour

Jordaan Food Tour

Features all 12 tastings on our Jordaan Food & Canals Tour and is a walking-only tour. The Jordaan area has been bustling since the 1600s and is now one of the city’s most sought after – full of authentic neighborhood food shops, restaurants and historic cafés. You’ll visit 8 unique, Dutch foodie locations, and make multiple cultural and historic stops, uncovering the real Amsterdam.

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Amsterdam walking tour
Amsterdam Tour


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